Amber Rose: Weight Loss Diet And Yoga Workout Secrets

Fit Tea for detox helps make this trim and fit bikini body.  Curbs appetite and burns energy.

In the Instagram selfie, Amber wore a sexy pink bikini that accentuated her tiny waist. Rose drinks Fit Tea detox tea to maintain her curvy bikini body. Proponents say Fit Tea aids weight loss by suppressing appetite, burning body fat and boosting the …

Amber, who is hailed for her over-the-top curves, said her weight loss secrets are a portion-controlled diet, waist training and yoga workouts, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

Amber Rose weighed 202 pounds while pregnant, but lost all the weight in 7 months with detox tea, exercise and waist training. (Photo: Instagram, Celebrity Health Fitness)

Plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Sinclair claims some of his patients have lost up to 6 inches off their midsection with waist training.  “This is a remarkable way to train your waist to be smaller,” said Dr. Sinclair.

Many celebrities use these techniques for waist training and weight loss….

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Detox For Summer With Natural Healthy Ways


Many methods for detox often contain additives, like laxatives, so be cautious and read the labels.  Sometimes ads will tell you anything to get a commission.  There are great items that are healthy and green and matcha teas are some to name a few.  These teas are healthy and carry added benefits.

With summer right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to get our bodies “€œbeach ready.”

The world “detox” carries somewhat of a stigma in the health world. Most people don’t completely understand what a detox even entails. The first thing that would come to mind is usually a fad diet with unhealthy ideas and restrictions. Going on any sort of restrictive diet where you are denying your body the most important nutrients is unhealthy. Period. Never in my life will I advocate for anything that fits those standards. As a former morbidly obese individual, I have tried every single fad out there, and guess what? They didn’t work. Not only did they not work, but they made me feel like crap. It wasn’t until I made a lifestyle change and realized that eating clean, natural foods was the answer that I started to look and feel much better.

With that being said, there are many healthy, natural ways that you can detox your body. With summer right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to get our bodies “beach ready.” The hot weather and outdoor activities light a fire under us to make sure that we are not worrying about how we look, so we can enjoy ourselves. A good detox is meant to rid your body of any toxins, while promoting gut health.

Drinking plenty of water is the best natural (and cheap) way to detox your body. Water helps our kidneys flush toxins and waste out of our system. If we were to become dehydrated, our kidneys would not be able to function properly, which could be detrimental to our health. There is a reason why you are always hearing people preach about how we need to make sure we are drinking enough water. Water does so much for our bodies, and acting as a detoxing agent is one of them. There are many ways to do it- you can drink water straight, or you can infuse fruits to make a detox water that has a little flavor to it.

No matter how you decide to help your body detox, make sure you are doing it the right way, for the right reasons. Keep your health a priority always, no matter how much weight you are trying to lose. A detox can either be very healthy, or unhealthy, depending on how you do it. Don’t fall for false claims or quick fixes; you will only end up harming your body more in the long run. As long as you stick to healthy, natural ingredients in moderation, you should be ok. As always, do your research, and make your choice. Only you know what your body can and can’t handle, so choose wisely.

€ The hot weather and outdoor activities … Keep your health a priority always, no matter how much weight you are trying to lose. A detox can either be very … See More

Remember to detox the healthy and natural way.  Keep you body hydrated so not to effect kidney functions and decrease body health.

What are good hairstyles for widow’s peak hairline?

Question by : What are good hairstyles for widow’s peak hairline?
I always have a line right down the middle, straight or curly. I flips my hair to the side, but it’s not my best look. I am a female and I just want to look my best. I have an “oblong face” but this hairline situation is annoying. Any hairstyle suggestions? 😀 I’ll try anything.

Best answer:

Answer by Jade Vickerson
A widow’s peak is a distinct V-shape that dips down along the hairline. Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Fran Drescher, Colin Farrell and Leonardo DiCaprio all have widow’s peaks. Many people find themselves fixated on hiding or disguising their widow’s peak with the idea that a straighter hairline looks more natural and attractive. There are various hairstyles that can help you look and feel your best, whether you like your widow’s peak or are uncomfortable with it.


Add some swooping, rounded curls around the crown of your head to help soften the effect of your widow’s peak. Create a romantic, face-hugging hairstyle that takes the attention off of your V-shaped hairline. Wispy, tapered edges and long layered curls with most of the volume at the jawline create a balanced look.


Create a deep side part and style long side-swept bangs over your widow’s peak. Alternatively, create spiky, undercut bangs that will blend in with your V-shaped hairline and frame your face attractively. Avoid cutting bangs too bluntly, which can look severe.


Long layers that hit at ear-level or below will soften the effect of a widow’s peak and add texture and volume to your hair. Avoid a center part unless you want to draw attention to your widow’s peak.


Choose a hairstyle that focuses on your overall face shape to compliment your naturally unique hairline. Go long and layered for square and heart-shaped faces. Go for side-swept bangs with a round face or try a choppy bob for a long, oval face.

Let it be: Your widow’s peak makes you uniquely you, so why hide it? When choosing a hairstyle, focus on your overall face shape instead, whether it’s heart, square, oval, or round.
The true heart: A true heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead, pointier chin, and a widow’s peak. In this particular case, choose styles that give volume around the jawline, avoiding cuts that provide fullness around the temples. Also, steer clear of blunt bangs, which can look too severe.
Curly girly: Notice how Marilyn’s widow’s peak blends in with her curl? Add a few swooping rounded curls in the mix to provide a soft effect.
Hair removal: If you absolutely must create a straighter hairline, avoid shaving, which can leave an obvious stubbly line. Instead, consider tweezing, but don’t go overboard.
Do the splits: Your widow’s peak might act like a cowlick, causing unwanted splitting along your hairline. To coerce it to behave, start with damp hair and focus the air flow from your blow-dryer down toward the peak, tautly pulling hair over and around it to blend.
Banged up: Side parts and soft, swooping bangs are perfect ways to work with your widow’s peak. Also, fun, spiky undercut bangs blend nicely with a descending v hairline, providing a stylish face-framing effect.

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Q&A: Is it common for people to never have to pluck or wax their eyebrows ever?

Question by Scarlett Red: Is it common for people to never have to pluck or wax their eyebrows ever?
I am 18 and a female, and I have never gotten my eyebrows waxed or plucked, because I never have needed to like they are arched naturally and a decent size, but all my friends are always getting their eyebrows either waxed or plucked like every couple of weeks, and I feel weird because I never have gotten that, are there some women who chose never to have their eyebrows done but still have nice eyebrows?

Best answer:

Answer by Kagome
Very normal 🙂 Only like 4 people in my family have and the rest of us have nice eyebrows.
Mine are shaped beautifully and I’ve never touched them

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How to get a sexy bikini body in a month?

Question by Endagered Species Project: How to get a sexy bikini body in a month?
It’s April and school will soon be out. I want to have a body that looks hot in a bikini. I’m really skinny so being over weight isn’t a problem. I need help achieving a sexy bikini body. Please help.

Best answer:

Answer by Yes
Sounds like you need to gain some weight to look sexy in a bikini. Really skinny isn’t very sexy.

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